Writer reflection


Chart the course of your own revision process for Assignment 2. Outline your specific objectives in revising the paper—the difficulties you were endeavouring to remedy—and show how you went about making the changes you did in order to achieve your desired result. Please consider revisions to content, organisation, development, level of detail, effectiveness of introductions and conclusions, word choice, sentence structure, grammar and mechanics, as the comments on the paper and your own judgement require. Quote where helpful from both your original in-class version and the new revised version as you explore your revision process, the changes you made and their effect upon the quality of the final paper.

Then extend your discussion to take into account more broadly other writing you did in this class, closely analysing and comparing your work

I will be linking my other 4 assignments

There’s Assignment 1, assignment 2 (which are the photos), assignment 3 and assignment 4 (which is named revision)

Review your early writing in this class to see if you still see yourself and your writing the same way you did then. Ask yourself: what portrait emerges of you as a writer? Be specific, analytic, and persuasive.

The following questions might provide additional food for thought:

What have you learned about yourself as a writer, your strengths and weaknesses?

What did you learn about your writing through peer response and teacher comments?

What aspects of writing do you enjoy most or find most satisfying or find you are best at?

What aspects of writing do you find most difficult or frustrating? Why?

How might you adapt your strengths to future assignments that ask you for types of writing you are currently uncomfortable with?

So you are doing a reflection on all the 4 assignments. 2 full pages