Assignment title How effective was my choice of nursing model in carrying out a holistic assessment of a patient?
In this assignment you will use a nursing model to carry out a holistic assessment of one of the three scenarios. You can choose both the nursing model and the scenario. You will discuss and evaluate the chosen nursing model as a basis for holistic assessment and in the development of person centred care. You will then reflect on how this assignment might inform your future practice.
Nursing Model Used: Roper – Logan – Tierny model. (Roper et al)
Suggested Sections (please use sub-headings) What you should do: Further guidance Introduction Briefly: Be very brief and succinct. 150 words Set the context Consider using phrases approx (i.e. the topic of such as: the assignment) The purpose of this Say what you assignment is to …. intend to do in this This assignment aims to …. assignment This paper begins by … it Outline how the will go on to .. work will be This essay has been structured and organised in the following organised way: Don’t spend much time on the introduction. You may want to write this section last. Your attention should be focussed on the main body. Description of Provide an overview of the This is a paragraph Scenario scenario that you have chosen summarising what you 400 words Attach the formative work as learned about the patient approx. an appendix for the reader from applying the model. It (1 paragraph) should contain descriptive information which sets the scene (your reader can find out more in the appendix if they need to)
Rationale With reference to your scenario In this section you need to 1000 word and the relevant literature: explain what the concepts approx Outline the are (outline the principles) (2-3 paragraphs) principles of AND explain why they are holistic important (justify). The assessment AND concepts you need to talk family/person about are: a holistic centred care and how they relate to the professional approach, family/person-centred care, and the nursing model you responsibility of have chosen (you could use nurses sub-headings to help Provide a brief structure this section) overview of the You should use the core model you have rhnsen texts from this module (relevant /iteratnrel to