What is a Healthy Community: Essay

A person’s health is a product of their environment (Ashby & Pharr, 2012). My idea of a healthy community would be an active one that provides easily accessible activities; such as a safe place to play, trails to run, hike, and bike ride. Options need to be offered in a safe place to participate and facilitate use. Ideally, it would have a good economy, be financially stable, well-funded, and with adequate community services to assist the needs of the population. The health of our communities is critical to the growth and development of our region (Ashby & Pharr, 2012).

Healthy communities are ones in which all residents have access to quality education, safe and healthy homes, adequate employment, transportation, physical activity, and nutrition, in addition to quality health care (Ashby & Pharr, 2012). By considering these essential aspects, we realize the relationship between someone’s environment, their behavior, and their health (Ashby & Pharr, 2012).

To create a healthier community, you would initially need to assess what is causing it to be unhealthy. If it has potential but is unsafe to use, I would establish a neighborhood watch to show that crime is not tolerated. Being neighborly, helping, and watching out for each other is one way to show a presence to deter unlawful activity. Growing healthy food in a community garden, reduce neighborhood waste by recycling, shop locally to increase community economics, be a community volunteer, plant trees, reduce energy use are all things we can do to create a more healthy environment (Stevens, 2017).


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