Week 6 Discussion Theories In Nursing

Choose two concepts in the theory you choose last week and describe:
How are the concepts defined in general (from other references)?
How does the theorist define each of the concepts you have chosen?
How do those concepts apply to your clinical practice? Give concrete examples. To support your work, use the textbooks from your course and also use the South University Online Library, citing your sources in your work and providing references for the citations in APA format.
Remember to list two concepts – and remember that theories are derived from conceptual models and are comprised of concepts and propositions. The only concepts that are common to all nursing theories, in some shape or form, are patient, nurse, health, and environment – which we discussed last week.

This week, select two concepts that are unique to your selected theory from last week – but they CANNOT be one of the four metaparadigm concepts – person, nurse, health or environment.


Week 6 Nursing Theories Discussion
Week 6 Nursing Theories Discussion

Describe two principles from the theory you chose last week:

What are the general definitions of the concepts (from other sources)?

What does the theorist mean when he or she says each of the notions you’ve chosen is defined?

How do you utilize those ideas in your clinical practice? Give specific examples. Use your course textbooks as well as the South University Online Library to support your work, referencing your sources and providing references for the citations in APA format.

Remember to name two concepts – and that theories are made up of concepts and propositions and are generated from conceptual models. The only ideas that all nursing theories have in common, in some way