Minority-Americans in American societies Discussion 5
Minority-Americans in American societies Discussion 5

Describe various themes and developments (including socio-economic) which have contributed to the definition of the position of Minority-Americans in American societies & explain the interplay between dominant and subordinate subgroups within the microcultures that make up American society, revealing that most have the potential to experience degrees of social marginalization, depending on the microculture in question .

write in a roman word format and explain it in a normal way, simple English

Define key sociological terms (culture, ethnocentrism, values, beliefs, emic, etic, enculturation, acculturation, assimilation, universal culture, group culture, family culture, individual culture, microculture, dominant microcultural subgroups, subordinate microcultural subgroups;

Illustrate the concept of ethnocentrism by applying it to video examples;

Infer cultural values based on cultural behaviors;

Illustrate the stages of moral conflict with real-life examples;

Compare the pros and cons of acquiring culture through enculturation, acculturation, and assimilation;

Illustrate the difference between universal, group, family and individual cultures.

Understand the construction of a social identity

Articulate his or her own social identity.

This module culminates in the Cultural Autobiography, an essay in which students will examine their own cultural identity in terms of the common 9 microcultures.