Discussion: Influences on Motivation?

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Choose at least two aspects of culture (e.g. religion, socioeconomic status, geography, race/ethnicity, etc.) and explain how growing up within this culture might affect how a child or adolescent expresses motivation in school. For each aspect of culture, provide at least two specific examples of its potential effect on motivation.

In Chapter 2 of your course text, Donna Tileston describes the construct developed by Robert Marzano to map the mental processes involved in motivation. Define and describe the self-system and the metacognitive system as conceptualized by Marzano. What roles do each play in motivation? What is the relationship between the two? Explain.

What is the cognitive system, and how can knowledge of how the cognitive system works be used to motivate children and adolescents? Provide at least one specific example.

Part two: Contextual Factors That Influence Motivation (1 page)

Where an individual grows up, what television shows he or she watches, what careers his or her parents pursue—these are just a few examples of contextual factors that can influence what an individual learns to value and, in turn, what he or she is motivated to do. In this Discussion, you will consider the complex ramifications of a contextual factor of your choice. You also will reflect on how an awareness of these interrelationships might be used by a professional to foster motivation in children and adolescents. Reflect on the following:


Discussion: What Factors Affect Motivation?
Discussion: What Factors Affect Motivation?
Discussion: What Factors Affect Motivation?

Each item requires a response. Each response should be between 2–3 paragraphs long and concise.

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Select at least two components of culture (religion, social position, geography, race/ethnicity, etc.) and explain how growing up in this culture may influence how a child or teenager exhibits motivation in school. Give at least two particular examples of each facet of culture’s potential impact on motivation.

Donna Tileston discusses the process in Chapter 2 of your course text.