Assignment: Racism and issues
Assignment: Racism and issues

Historically, racism and issues associated with it have been resistant to change. State some reasons for the resistance.

you are to compile the work that you have been developing this semester regarding your Social Justice Issue. You should include references to at least 3 academic sources from the resources that you and your teammates have gathered this semester (or additional references). You may include articles previously presented by you or by your teammates. You should write this paper so that someone new to psychology can understand the concepts—remember that you are demonstrating your knowledge of course concepts.


2-3 pages


12 pt. font

1 inch margins

Do not list the first names of the authors or the title of an article in the text of the paper.

Your paper will include the following topics following standard essay formatting (no separate sections):

Introduction What is your Social Justice Issue?

Here, provide thorough description of our current understanding of your group’s social justice issue based on the academic articles you have read.

Examples of topics to include: Why should we be interested in researching or solving this issue? Why is this topic important? Why is it a concern?

Body How does your topic relate to course content?

How has your issue been created/developed/is maintained according to at least 3 areas of psychology (social, learning, biological, cognitive, developmental)?

How could we help end/resolve/solve your group’s issue using at least 3 areas of psychology (social, learning, biological, cognitive, developmental)?

Remember that here you are demonstrating your knowledge of course concepts and their application to the creation and resolution of the Social Justice Issue. The body of your paper will consist of several paragraphs.

Here you may provide evidence for your claims from the textbook or from academic articles that you and your team have read throughout the semester (including citations).

Discussion/Conclusion/Implications – What is your final conclusion?

In this final portion you will want to synthesize the findings you described in the body into a succinct summary. You should return to any issues that you raised in the introduction, and close the loop. You should also discuss the possible implications of your arguments for everyday life.