#5 Core Values (Student) Discussion 4

What are a company’s core values is a set of principles that a company set for themselves and they work towards making decision around their values and they a passionate about staying true to the values. My company Bayer uses the LIFE core values in their business model. Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, and Indecency. I my company everything we do goes without saying has to meet our LIFE values. We have our LIFE value check up on or reviews and our reviews of our quotas and just about everything we do as a company. They almost take it to the extreme, but it is a good temperature taking device when working on a project our quoting a client a fair and honest price for the equipment or services they are looking to purchase. If you ever have a question whether you are doing things the right way you can look at the LIFE values and ask yourself am I following the Core Values of the company if so then you can proceed on without question.

Kerin, R., & Hartley, S. (2015). Marketing (13th ed.). New York, NY: Mcgraw Hill.


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Our Values – bayer.com
We want to improve people’s lives and make a contribution to society – today and in the future.

#6 Scanning the Marketing Environment (Student)

When designing and executing a business marketing plan it is absolutely necessary to analyze all the variables, factors, indicators that surround the company, business or idea; a step that is often underrated. It is very important to take into account the external factors where you decide to create your company. For example, if you decide to start a hotel business, you must first analyze the area and position of the location to analyze the possible competition and the clientele.There are several reasons for this analysis, need to reduce uncertainty for decision making, need to prospect for planning and need strategic anticipation for innovation. In two words, anticipation and adaptation, if marketing managers do not study the external environment, the company will not be able to plan intelligently for the future.